Bio-Engineered Spider Silk

"This necktie took five years to produce. It took a team of scientists and engineers nearly 200 person-years to coax these fibers into existence, and then spin them into yarn to make the tie you see here. So while it is 'Just a Tie', we are awfully proud of it." 

Dress Code DNA, by Bolt Threads, Emeryville CA

I love working with Bolt Threads and their amazing team. I felt honored to collaborate on this project and create the first imagery of the most expensive ties ever made!

Fun Fact: A spider can produce 7 types of silk: Silk for mobility, Silk for web-building with varying properties of stretchiness, strength, stickiness, and durability, Silk with antimicrobial properties for storing food, and Silk for protecting egg sacs.

Before/After Slider for Squarespace Websites

I first saw this beautiful piece of code enabling Before/After imagery on Jon Birdseye's website-- 

The tutorial for installing it on the Squarespace platform is accessible via the link below.

BIG THANKS to Anthony Kramer for writing the tutorial and modifying the code to make it so perfect! I'm looking forward to showcasing more Before/After imagery and attracting more retouching work!


Clowning Around...

I found these clowns in a large assortment of Duplo Legos that a friend gifted my daughter, Sofia. After washing them at the laundry mat, I selected two for a future photo project. "Lego Clowns" is the title of this image. 


The balloons were too small for Helium to lift, so the scene was photographed upside down, with the Clowns hanging from a surface. The main light (3' x 4' Profoto Softbox) was positioned below set, and a light with 10 degree grid was used to bring out detail in the strings and inner balloons. Retouching was done in Photoshop to add shadows, remove propping, and adjust color.

Phaeno Museum Pinball Exhibition

A few months ago, the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, California, commissioned a collection of pinball imagery to promote their new international exhibit at the Phaeno Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. 

"Flipper, Flipper, Flipper!" offers museum attendees the opportunity to explore 25 pinball machines, several custom exhibits, and original artwork. 

These are some of the images created to promote this exciting event.